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Travel to Västerås via bus, train, or aeroplane. Västerås is close to Stockholm, giving the visitor more alternatives to travel to Västerås. Located nearby Västerås there is also the Stockholm Västerås Airport, with RyanAir offering flights directly to Västerås.


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Interesting things to see

Västerås Cathedral

Västerås Cathedral is in central Västerås. It was inaugurated in the year 1271, and has expanded and renovated several times. Enjoy a pause in the church’s calm and experience a part of Västerås history.

Västerås Domkyrka


Anundshög is an ancient monument in Västerås. It has twelve gravestones, one of the largest burial mounds in Sweden, stone settings, ship settings, and a large rune stone.


Skultuna Messingsbruk

Skultuna Messingsbruk is one of the world’s oldest manufacturer of brass and brass products still in operation – more than 400 years old.

Skultuna Messingsbruk