Drama | Spain

The reunion of an Argentinean ex-couple during the lockdown of Madrid, 2020. In a single night re-emerge the complexity and instability of the human emotions.


Sunday, August 20, 4:10 pm
K2 Västerås Museum (Karlsgatan 2, Västerås)
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Director Damián Comas
Writer Damián Comas
Producer Michele Codarin, Giorgio Milocco, Damián Comas
Cinematographer Alex Sarta
Key cast Luz Cipriota, Emmanuel Marzia
Other credits Editing: Giorgio Milocco; Production Design: Juan Correa, Rocío Sánchez-Gil; Costumes: Rocío Sánchez-Gil; Sound: Juanjo Rodríguez; Composer: Christian Paris, Violetta Club


Year 2022
Duration 1h 11m
Genres Drama
Language Spanish with subtitles