⭐Best Documentary 2015.

⭐Daneeta Loretta and Patrick Jackson (USA)

⭐The movie: Mr. Joe Lives Alone

1.You recieved an award in 2015 or 2016. What has this award meant for you?

It has meant a great deal. It was the first award our film, “Mr. Joe lives alone” received. Also, we’ve been making films and screening at festivals since 2002. One of our partners is Swedish, so getting into a Swedish festival was important for us. VFF 2016 was ElekTrik Zoo’s first official screening in Sweden.

2. What made you choose film as your creative medium, and who are your rolemodels?

Film is just one of our creative mediums. Patrick takes pictures. Daneeta is a writer and visual artist. Sometimes we hybrid our works together, and the output we call an ElekTrik Production. We both like film for its narrative quality. Narrative can bring structure to a very chaotic experience. We both like David Lynch, Andrea Arnold, Lynn Ramsey, Paul Thomas Anderson, Lukas Moodysson, Roy Andersson, Bergman. But we are just as likely inspired by the pop artist Robyn. We like to live our lives in accordance with our art. We wrap ourselves around our art.

3. What projects are you currently working on, and what are your future plans?
We like to have several projects on the go at different stages of production. As for the short doc that won the prize at VFF, “Mr. Joe lives alone,” we are negotiating Chinese rights. The Chinese are fascinated by films about the elderly. We are in post for “Nicabob,” about a lonely teenaged boy who starts a Youtube channel to connect with the outside world. When cyberbullies attack, and he shuts down the channel, he enters a whole new world. We’ve got two feature scripts and one short script that we’re shopping around. So, we keep pretty busy. On top of that, we’ve got food-for-my-belly work.