⭐Best Photography 2015.

⭐Yuichi Nagata (Japan)

⭐The movie: Good Year

1.You recieved an award in 2015 or 2016. What has this award meant for you?

It does not have meaning for me individually, but for shooting assistants, it will be a great encouragement.

2. What made you choose film as your creative medium, and who are your rolemodels?

There is no author in films, just a hard work and a little miracle are in there. As mentors of way to shoot, I respect monocular lens and fixing of Yasujiro Ozu, telescope lens and multi camera of Akira Kurosawa, wide lens and molding of Akio Jissouji, black and white of Kazuo Miyagawa, technicolor of Jack Cardiff, low-key tone of Gregg Toland, as a no genre, Kozo okazaki, and Néstor Almendros in Nouvelle Vague.

3. What projects are you currently working on, and what are your future plans?

First part of “GOOD YEAR”, Finishing of “BOLT”. “Gaou-Den” in the V cinema.